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With the entire cultural, financial and day-to-day management of the business at stake – it’s important that all possible steps are taken to minimise risk, and make the implementation process as smooth as possible.

Our Mission


Our mission is to become a long-term partner that helps you make the most from your technology investment. We focus on addressing the key needs of the business, mitigating overall risk, reducing the amount of customisations and associated costs.


We have a great team of people with years of industry expertise who are able to guide you through the implementation process and deliver value from day 1.




This phase consists of an audit to understand your business processes, users and pain-points. We review each functional area with the customer to identify configuration / development requirements.

  • High-level analysis: We question how much can be met using standard processes?
  • Gap / Fit Analysis - Gaps mitigated through configuration or suggested alternative standard processes, rather than costly software development.
  • In 2 week sprints, customers will both test and be trained on each functional area.


Design & Configuration

In traditional project methodologies, configuration often comes into play within the latter stages of the project. Instead, we opt to provide a working system configured for their business as rapidly as possible. We use this system to conduct workshops that illustrate how we envisage your standard processes being completed on Dynamics. This helps staff to familiarise themselves with the new system and gives us an opportunity to gain valuable feedback early on in the project.


Rapid Configuration & Testing


When schedules get tight, reducing the number of testing cycles is often the first area that gets cut.


At Maginus, we prioritise testing as a key, on-going part of the implementation process. The purpose of testing your ERP system isn’t to see if it works but if the system needs and produces the required output.



Customisation & Integration


Where it hasn’t been possible to configure the system to meet a particular requirement, or define a suitable alternative business process, customisations may be needed.


This work is completed in 2 week 'sprints'. Giving our customers an opportunity to give feedback on development work much earlier in the process than many other methodologies.


End-to-End Testing

Throughout the implementation process, testing has been carried out on specific elements and functional areas within the system so there shouldn't be any major suprises.


The aim of this phase is to test the whole system from end-to-end, giving customers the opportunity to see the whole system from end-to-end.


This phase gives them confidence that the deployment with be a success.


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