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Artificial Intelligence: Sell Smarter, Faster, with Less Effort from you.


Sell smarter and close deals faster with built-in artificial intelligence. Get recommendations at every stage so you can stay focused on the next best step to move opportunities forward.

Foster Strong Relationships using Personalisation


Personalise every engagement within the buyer's journey and win new and repeat sales. Improve the buyer's journey using contextual insights from your sales management software.

Customer Relationship Management


Dynamics 365 for Sales makes finding the right leads, contacts and opportunities easy. With social insights, up-to-date company information and an embedded sales process - your sales team know who, how and when to engage.     

Predictive Analytics & Actionable Insight


Empower your sales team with visibility of your sales performance, digital intelligence and automated lead scoring. Alerts within the Sales app and Office 365 provide all the tools to choose the best next step.

Innovate: Don't Let I.T Get in the Way


Drive innovation without writing any code. In Dynamics 365 for Sales you can configure, tailor and connect to other business apps such as Marketing and Customer Service. Unifying systems and teams to support your growing business.

Information & Collaboration


Tap into your team's knowledge and experience on the go. Shared meeting notes, events and sales documents make co-authoring easy.

Boost your Sales Performance


Motivate your sales team with the perfect mix of insight, collaboration and information. Easy-to-use dashboards help you set smart goals and track results. Built-in help and gamification encourages best-practice, teamwork and healthy competition.

Turn Relationships into Revenue


Increase productivity with connected business processes with Office 365 and LinkedIn data to make selling easier - even on the go.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Empower your sales team and turn relationships into revenue. Allow them to understand customer needs, engage more effectively and win more deals.

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